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Pukara Estate Novello First Pressed EVOO

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Pukara Estate Novello Extra Virgin Olive Oil is first pressed, unfiltered oil taken from the years harvest. Novello is very unique and delicious and production is strictly limited. Enjoy it with the gusto it deserves!

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In Italian, “novello” means new or young. When using it to describe olive oil it means first pressed, unfiltered oil taken from the years harvest. Novello is bottled in clear glass so you can see it in its gorgeous unsettled and unfiltered state. Pukara Estate Novello is unique and delicious and we encourage you to enjoy it with the gusto it deserves! It’s just beautiful on its own – dip your good quality bread in it and savour the taste. Or dip and coat with good quality dukkah. Sublime!

The elegant bottle is beautifully packaged in a cardboard box, with a quality pourer and each is individually numbered. Novello is a strictly  limited release and we’re excited to have secured an allocation.

Pukara Estate’s extra virgin olive oils are made from the finest olives, sustainably grown at their olive grove located in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales. The olives are mechanically harvested at their best and pressed immediately to create fresh, flavoursome and well balanced oils. The oils are stored onsite in their climate controlled storage facility and are bottled on demand to ensure optimal freshness. We’ve picked our favourites from their exceptional range of quality products to share.

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