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Our Products

our philosophy

When we come across products for foodies which capture our imagination, are unique, unusual, or just plain fabulous, we love to share and make them available through The Culinary Club store for others to enjoy too.

Our philosophy is to keep it small and simple. We don’t want to be an online supermarket. So we focus on a moderate range of premium quality products for foodies that we know and love. And also products that might be a bit hard to come by elsewhere. We don’t carry many types of the same products. If we find something that we think is better than we had before we replace the old product with the new. We’ve personally tried everything in our store and it’s there because we love it! If we don’t sell it, we eat it ourselves!

About our stock

Our store generally contains products that are actually “in stock” and if it’s not in stock right now we say so. So, we can generally ship to you same day or next day. This is different from many other online stores who list everything under the sun, and don’t reveal if it’s out of stock, and then try to get it in from their suppliers after you’ve ordered. That might take them 10 days to actually ship it to you. We used to get so frustrated about that when we were online shopping, and resolved not to do that to our own customers.

Out of stock products are generally replenished within a couple of weeks. If you want something that is not in stock use the “Wait List”. We’ll get onto it straight away and let you know when we have it back in stock. If your order has used up all the remaining stock we have, and you want more, we can usually get it in quickly. Just let us know if you want more than we have and we’ll get onto it straight away.

We display Best Before and Use By dates for all products that have them and dates are displayed in your cart when you are reviewing it before checkout. Products may be sold in Australia after the Best Before date (not a Use By date) and we will continue to offer such products for sale in our store for a time after a Best Before date has passed. We hate food waste and for almost every product we carry you would be hard pressed to notice any difference in taste or quality after a Best Before date has passed. We’ve eaten many of our products several months after a so-called Best Before date! So, we keep it in the store and add it to our Best Before Clearance Bargains section with a discount. Visit that page also for an explanation of the difference between Best Before dates and Use By dates.

Happy Shopping!

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