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Pommery Malt Vinegar 500ml


Pommery Malt vinegar is a delightful amber-colored vinegar derived from the fermentation of barley seeds.

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Product Description

Pommery Malt vinegar is a delightful amber-colored vinegar derived from the fermentation of barley seeds. Malt vinegar is a popular British condiment known for its deep, mellow flavour. It is milder and sweeter than other vinegars and is now appreciated in homes all around the world.

Salad dressings, pickles, chutneys, and glazes can all be made using malt vinegar. Combine it with soy sauce and brown sugar to make a simple chicken marinade, or for a traditional fish and chips.

Presented in a traditional stoneware jar, just like their mustards, this is an elegant and rustic addition to your pantry or table and a lovely gift for a foodie.


Moutarde de Meaux are regarded as one of the world’s great moutardiers. Their award-winning Pommery mustards are a favourite of professional chefs. All of their mustards are packed in traditional stoneware jars. These jars help to preserve the mustards’ characteristic pungency, so they taste fresher for longer. They’ve also been producing vinegar since 1865, with the same care and passion for great flavour. Just like their mustards, Pommery vinegars come in traditional stoneware bottles.

Pommery mustard is made in Meaux, a cathedral town 60km west of Paris. The town has a long history of mustard production. It began in 771 AD, when Charlemagne decreed that canons and monks in cathedral towns like Meaux should cultivate mustard.

Meaux was also a centre for the quarrying of millstones, which brought many craftsmen to the area. In 1760, a dignitary of the Meaux cathedral chapter passed on the canons’ secret mustard recipe to a stonecutter named J. B. Pommery. That recipe is still used by Moutarde de Meaux to make their famous Pommery mustard today.

Malt Vinegar 6% imported from Great Britain.

Note: Ingredients as listed on the label at time of publication on the website. Always check the label before use.

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