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Best Before Clearance Bargains

About Use By and Best Before Dates

Food products in Australia are required to display a “Best Before” or a “Use By” date if the shelf life is less than 2 years. A “Use By” date is a date after which consuming the product might be harmful because of fading quality, especially if some ingredients have a short safe shelf life. It often applies to meats and other foods requiring refrigeration. A food product may not be sold past the Use By date.

A “Best Before” date, on the other hand, suggests the date when a product is at it’s peak freshness. But consuming the product after that date is not dangerous at all, and you will probably not even notice a difference.

Click here to read a very informative article about Best Before dates

Products may be sold after the Best Before date in Australia. At The Culinary Club we hate waste, especially food waste. So any products we have which are getting close to, or are past their “Best Before” date, are given a cheaper price and placed in Best Before Clearance Bargain section! We don’t want to throw it away for silly reasons and frankly, if you don’t buy it we’ll eat it ourselves!

Join us in reducing waste – and save money too! We tell you what the Best Before Date is (or the Use By if it’s approaching), the regular price and the Sale price. You can then decide for yourself!


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