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Real Conservera Mackerel in Olive Oil 130g


These premium mackerel imported from Spain are just sensational. If you love mackerel you must try these!

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Best Before: November 30, 2024


Real Conservera Caballita or Mackerel is for the true believers! The quality is outstanding.

The Peńa family have been producing quality canned seafood since 1920 and have remained loyal to traditional practices since their founding. Real Conservera is their premium label – they reserve only the best products from sources in the Galician Rias, Atlantic Ocean and the Cantabric Sea for use under this brand. Great care is taken in the handling and transport of this superb fish so that the shiny and texture of their skin is preserved. Great care is taken at each stage so that the flesh is never bruised. Once each can has been hand packed the tin is toasted, pure olive oil is added then the can is sealed.

If you love mackerel, you must try these!

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