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Heilala Vanilla Paste Pure 65ml


Heilala vanilla paste is a fantastic alternative to using a pod – it is so convenient and economical in any recipe where you want to add a gourmet touch by showcasing the seeds alongside the full vanilla flavour.

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Best Before: June 30, 2024

Product Description

We love Heilala Vanilla Paste! Sweetly scented with distinctive fruity characteristics, it’s full of distinctive dark vanilla seeds. Made with vine ripened Heilala Vanilla Tongan Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans, each bean is grown with integrity and hand-selected by local Tongan farmers. There are NO artificial flavourings used.

Made by carefully blending three-month cold extracted pure vanilla bean extract with vanilla bean seeds. Heilala Vanilla paste provides a fabulous concentrated vanilla aroma and flavour with 1 teaspoon of vanilla paste equaling the flavour and seeds as 1 whole vanilla bean. It’s a conveniently spoonable paste perfect for ice cream, shortbread, and panna cotta.

Vanilla bean extract, alcohol (12-14%), vanilla bean seeds, sugar (5%), thickener (Xanthan gum) .5%

Note: Ingredients as listed on the label at time of publication on the website. Always check the label before use.

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