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Bomba Paella Rice La Perla 1kg


This fabulous Bomba paella rice from iconic Spanish producer La Perla (“The Pearl”) is famous throughout Spain. The most sought after rice for Paella.

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Best Before: November 30, 2022


This fabulous Bomba paella rice from iconic Spanish producer La Perla is famous throughout Spain and the world. It is cultivated in Valencia, and has the designation of origin “Arroces de Valencia”. This is the rice most sought after by chefs to produce an authentic Paella.

The Bomba rice plant matures slowly and as a result, the grain has the ability to absorb three times its volume in broth, yet remain distinct and separate, perfect to carry the exceptional flavours of traditional Paella. It is very resistant to over cooking.

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about the producer

In 1925 Teodoro Alepuz Greus, a rice farmer from Benifaió in Valencia specialising in local varieties, decided to market his own rice under the brand “La Perla de Benifaió”. The quality of his rice became renowned throughout Valencia and eventually other areas of Spain. Now in the hands of Toedoro’s grand-children La Perla continues to produce rice in Valencia and the La Perla brand has become famous the world over.


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