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Le Creuset LM250 Lever Model Wine Opener

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The Le Creuset LM-250 Lever model wine opener is a 21st Century redesign of the original Herbert Allen lever corkscrew.

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Product Description

The Le Creuset LM250 Lever model wine opener is a 21st Century redesign of the original Herbert Allen lever corkscrew.

This marvellous bar accessory offers unrivalled performance and experience under rigorous testing, with innovative built in rotation technology that allows you to remove both natural and synthetic corks with ease. It includes a matching foil cutter.

You’ll never struggle to remove a cork again!

10 Year Le Creuset Warranty.


Before using any corkscrew, always read the appropriate instructions for your model. Remove any foil covering the cork, and check that the neck and rim of the bottle are free from chips and cracks that could weaken the bottle. When opening, hold the bottle on a solid, level surface. Handle the corkscrew with care, as the tip of the screw is sharp. Ensure that the corkscrew is seated squarely on the neck of the bottle before using.

Lever model corkscrews are not suitable for opening sparkling wines such as Prosecco and Champagne (use the Le Creuset Sparkling wine opener for these), and are not designed to replace corks in opened bottles. For old, fragile, brittle or broken corks we suggest using a two-prong “Ah-so” cork remover.


Most Le Creuset lever model corkscrews are designed to work well with modern synthetic corks. However, with older lever corkscrews, synthetic corks may become stuck on the screw and jam the mechanism. If the cork becomes stuck on the corkscrew it can be removed by carefully twisting it off with your fingers. Use caution when doing this, as even the tip of a worn corkscrew will be sharp.


The point of the screw is very sharp—handle it with care.

Lever model corkscrews are not dishwashwer-safe. We recommend cleaning corkscrews occasionally using a damp cloth or warm, soapy water to remove wine deposits and any particles of cork that may accumulate. Dry well after washing and store in a dry place to avoid corrosion on metal components. Do not use lubricants on your lever model corkscrew.

Additional Information

Weight.78 kg
Dimensions25 × 20 × 6.7 cm

1 review for Le Creuset LM250 Lever Model Wine Opener

  1. Drinking Dave

    Works well but for the money I expected a much more solid handle. I expect the box it came in will last years longer than the corkscrew.

    • Craig (verified owner)

      Thanks Dave. Have been using mine for 8 years without an issue and the 10 year Le Creuset warranty should provide peace of mind too. We’ve never had a Warranty claim for this item.

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