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Wasabi Paste Peter Watson 120g Jar

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This Wasabi Paste has that typical Wasabi bite and is just delicious.

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Best Before: December 30, 2023

Product Description

The quintessential accompaniment to sushi and sashimi, Wasabi has rapidly become an ingredient with so many uses. It has that typical Wasabi bite and is just delicious.


Peter Watson was born into a family where the rhythm of the seasons dictated the cycle of life – making jam, bottling sauce, preserving fruits and vegetables in season. This has guided his philosophy and methods to this day. Peter produces real food, which is hand made and using only premium quality ingredients in season. You can really taste the difference.

Wasabi Powder, rice wine vinegar, mirin, sesame oil.

Note: Ingredients as listed on the label at time of publication on the website. Always check the label before use.

Additional Information

Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6.5 cm

2 reviews for Wasabi Paste Peter Watson 120g Jar

  1. Inglenook (verified owner)

    While this is a good size and has a nice flavour there is next to zero of the bite and heat that one expects from wasabi. I will use the rest of the jar but purely for flavour not expecting anything else and will not order again. Disappointing I’m afraid.

  2. MitsuAkagi88

    As a big fan of wasabi and someone who has travelled to Japan many times, I can say – that without a doubt – this is genuine wasabi paste: all flavour without the massive bite.

    With utmost respect, it seems the other review may not be aware that the wasabi you typically get from your local sushi joint or Japanese restaurant is NOT real wasabi – it is a blend of horseradish and mustard (which gives it that nasal-clearing bite) with green food colouring.

    Real wasabi is no where near as “stinging” and doesn’t have the biggest kick – it’s more flavour than bite.

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