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canned seafood

Premium Canned Seafood Sampler

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A collection of our premium Spanish canned seafood products. This is for the true connoisseur of premium quality canned seafood.

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This is for the true connoisseur of premium canned seafood. The Spanish have a culture of putting the best of the season in a tin or jar, preserving it for later in the year or sending it to other parts of Spain. The Spanish don’t conserve poor quality food. There they have a bar culture where you order a drink and a little tin of fish, mussels or clams you pick at as a snack. Simple. Easy. Delicious.

We’ve selected our Premium Spanish canned seafood products and bundled up one of each for you to enjoy. This pack comprises one of each of the following sensational products:

Conservas Emilia Garfish in Olive Oil (Relanzon)

Conservas Emilia Tuna Belly in Olive Oil (Ventresca de Atun)

Real Conservera Mackerel Fillets (Caballita)

Real Conservera Baby Sardines (Sardinillas)

Cuca Bonito Tuna Belly (Ventresca de Bonito del Norte)

Conservas Emilia

Conservas Emilia is a family owned company located in Santoña on the Bay of Biscay in Spain. They have specialised in the production of premium quality canned seafood using traditional Spanish methods since the late 1980’s.

Real Conservera

The Peńa family have been producing quality canned seafood since 1920 and have remained loyal to traditional practices since their founding. Real Conservera is their premium label – they reserve only the best products from sources in the Galician Rias, Atlantic Ocean and the Cantabric Sea for use under this brand.


Cuca have been preserving fish and seafood since 1932. The shallow, fjord like saltwater estuaries – the “Rias” – that face the Atlantic ocean in the north west of Spain produce anchovies, mussels, octopus, tuna, squid and sardines of outstanding quality. Cuca use only the best raw materials. They harvest by hand, clean and pack each morsel by hand and use nothing but the raw natural materials, seafood, olive oil and brine. The results are products that retain their natural shape and texture through the tinning process.


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