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Ligurian Taggiasche Olives in Brine Benza 350g


These olives have low acidity and a light and fruity flavour.

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Best Before: September 30, 2023

Product Description

We love these Ligurian Taggiasche Olives in brine. Liguria has been renowned for the production of Taggiasche olives for more than 600 years. Benedictine monks from the town of Taggia developed the species many centuries ago. They are an excellent cultivar for olive oils, and an exquisite table olive. Delicious!

These olives have low acidity and a light and fruity flavour.

Taggiasche olives are normally harvested just before they mature from green to black. They are selected by hand, and then cured for more than a month in water that is changed daily to remove any bitterness. The olives are preserved in delicate brine, with a little rosemary.

about the producer

The Benza family has produced olive oil at an ancient frantoio (oil mill) in the Ligurian town of Dolcèdo since 1853. Today, Gianni Benza, his wife Claretta Siccardi, and their son Gigi, cultivate olives throughout the lower Val Prino, at Dolcèdo, Civezza, Imperia and Prèla. The family has also established a modern frantoio at Imperia, employing strictly traditional production techniques.

The lower Val Prino lies between the Riviera di Ponente (the coastline) and the peaks of the mountain hinterlands. This valley has been renowned for the production of taggiasche olives since the 14th century. The species was developed many years ago by Benedictine monks in the town of Taggia.

The Benza family manage approximately eight hectares of olive groves, with more than 4000 trees. The olives are cultivated on terraces, at altitudes between 200 and 600 metres above sea level. The annual production is approximately 12,000 litres. In addition to the oil mill, the family also runs a small agricultural-tourism business.

Olives of Taggiasche variety, water, salt, acidity regulator: citric acid

Note: Ingredients as listed on the label at time of publication on the website. Always check the label before use.

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