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Le Creuset Decanter Cleaning Kit

Le Creuset Decanter Cleaning Kit

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These Cleaning Balls are the perfect solution for getting accumulated wine grime out of your decanters to get them looking sparkling new again.

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These Cleaning Balls are the perfect solution for getting accumulated wine grime out of your decanters to get them looking sparkling new again. These small metal stainless steel bearings gently remove wine residues from inside your decanter. Simply put these corrosion-resistant, stainless steel beads into the decanter, with your cleaning solution, swish around, then drain (see below). The beads can then be dried and reused, so you can use them for years of sparkling clean glassware.

Supplied in a black silicone pouch designed with a large flexible mouth for easy pouring and retrieving the cleaning balls once used in the decanter.

Cleaning Decanters

When cleaning a decanter, the narrow neck and wide base of its classic style can be a little challenging. It is often tempting to opt for the easy option of the dishwasher but the fragility of a glass decanter means it can be easily scratched or broken. Cleaning decanters by hand requires agitation as this is essential for cleaning decanters inside and out, dissolving the stains and residue.

So how can you agitate glass? The solution is simple and involves just two ingredients: a scrubber (or agitator) and cleaning solution. The scrubber will brush up against the sides of the decanter and remove any residual stains whilst the cleaning solution will enable the scrubber to swirl around inside.

The Le Creuset cleaning balls are very effective scrubbers. For the cleaning solution, lemon juice, water and white vinegar, water and dishwasher detergent, or water and baking soda are all tried-and-tested options. Different people have their own preferred method. For us, it’s water and baking soda.

First, rinse out your decanter to remove any remaining liquid. Place the cleaning balls and cleaning solution inside the decanter, swirling for a few minutes to allow the cleaning balls to gently scrub off and agitate any residue or sediment of wine on the glass. Some people like to let the mixture sit, swirling occasionally, for up to a day, others just repeat the process a couple of times until the right result is achieved. It depends on how much accumulated grime your decanters have.



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1 review for Le Creuset Decanter Cleaning Kit

  1. Dylan (verified owner)

    What a terrific tool for cleaning decanter. Works very well and the design means there are no lost beads. Ideal for use with Jancis Robinson decanters.

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