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Italian Drinking Chocolate Moretto Barbagliata 1kg

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Moretto Barbagliata is traditional Milanese-style, extra thick, milk hot chocolate. This box has 12 convenient individually portioned sachets.

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Best Before: September 28, 2023

Product Description

If you love hot drinking chocolate, you’ll love this Moretto Barbagliato drinking chocolate from Milan, a city renowned as the home of the best hot chocolate in Italy. Locals have been imbibing cupfuls of thick, rich chocolate since the Nineteenth Century and Moretto have been making their quality drink since 1928. Their classic, the Barbagliata, is named after the manager of the Caffe dei Virtuosi who created an extraordinary drinking chocolate in his cafe in 1859, and whose commitment and passion Moretto proudly emulate in this carefully blended drink.

Also available in convenient single serve sachets

How to make Moretto Thick Italian Hot Chocolate

For every 30g of Hot Chocolate Powder, use 125 ml milk. Warm the milk over your stove top until very hot. Take off the heat and stir or whisk through the powder. Place back on the heat and continue stirring until the mixture is well blended and very thick. If you prefer your hot chocolate thinner, remove from the heat when it is the desired consistency.

About the producer

Moretto began operation in Milan in 1928. The company produces a premium range of hot and cold drinking chocolates, teas and flavouring syrups. They are best known both in Italy and abroad for their Barbagliata thick hot chocolate.

The Moretto brand is known for their use of high quality, natural ingedients in all their products. Over the years the comapny has recieved numerous hospitality and business awards recognizing their unique contribution to Italy’s gastonomic culture.

Sugar, soluble cocoa powder, maize starch, flavours, gelling carragenin, thickener, carob seeds, flour.
Produced in a factory thta uses soya, eggs, fruit-shell, milk

Note: Ingredients as listed on the label at time of publication on the website. Always check the label before use.

Additional Information

Weight 1.04 kg
Dimensions 31 × 15 × 6 cm


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