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Harissa Sauce Peter Watson 250g


Chillies and capsicum are mixed with cumin and coriander in this harissa sauce adding complexity to its flavour. Delicious!

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Best Before: September 30, 2025

Product Description

Found on every table in Morocco this fiery red harissa sauce is delicious! Chillies and capsicum are mixed with cumin and coriander adding complexity to its flavour. Simply swirled in at the end of cooking Harissa sauce is the perfect seasoning for adding depth and character to sauces and dressings, particularly mayonnaise, hollandaise, vinaigrettes and flavoured butters, and to stews, soups, pasta and risotto. It can also be used as an accompaniment to couscous, rice, tagines, grills, roasts and if you are brave, in sandwiches.

about the producer

Peter Watson was born into a family where the rhythm of the seasons dictated the cycle of life – making jam, bottling sauce, preserving fruits and vegetables in season. This has guided his philosophy and methods to this day. Peter produces real food, which is hand made and using only premium quality ingredients in season. You can really taste the difference.

Red capsicum, Chilli, cumin, coriander, vegetable oil, salt.

Note: Ingredients as listed on the label at time of publication on the website. Always check the label before use.

Additional Information

Weight.44 kg
Dimensions7 × 7 × 9 cm


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