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Griottines Liqueur Cherries 1L

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Delicious Griottines Liqueur Cherries steeped in Kirsch Liqueur using a secret recipe. Decadent!

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Best Before: May 31, 2026

Product Description

These beautiful Griottines liqueur cherries from France are delicious. They will impress your taste buds and your guests, if you can bear to share them. Delicious poured over ice cream, or check out one of our recipes below. Or just drop one into your favourite glass of bubbly for a delightfully decadent drink…

Presented in an elegant glass jar these cherries are a thoughtful and beautiful gift idea.

about the producer

Griottines liqueur cherries are produced in Fougerolles, France by Grandes Distilleries Pereux, the world leader in the maceration of fruit. They use only Oblachinska Morello cherries which are grown exclusively in the Balkans.  At harvest time over 500 million Morello cherries are hand-picked in just 3 weeks, leaving the stalk behind.  The cherries are rigorously sorted to ensure a consistent size and the first maceration occurs within 6 hours of harvesting. This involves totally immersing the cherries in liqueur brought in from Fougerolles. This preserves the unique flavour and the physical properties of the cherries. Later, the cherries are sorted again to ensure that only the best go through to the next stage in the process – the pitting.  Using a unique method, the pits are removed from the cherries through the small hole left by the missing stalk. The de-pitted cherries look whole but do not contain the stone.  The stoned cherries are then steeped in different liqueurs over successive macerations. The master distiller oversees this critical part of the process, deciding on the number and duration  of macerations based on age-old techniques and knowledge. At each stage the fruit soaks up new flavours. In the final stage Kirsch liqueur is introduced to the recipe, a hallmark of the Griottines recipe.

Also available in 350ml size in a gift box.

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2 reviews for Griottines Liqueur Cherries 1L

  1. Bec (verified owner)

    Decadent and delicious! I think everyone needs to have a jar of Griottines Cherries stocked at home at all times.

  2. Di (verified owner)

    But the 1 litre size if you can. Great value, quality and divine flavour. Disappearing fast!

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