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Garcima Polished Steel Paella Pan 42cm

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The classic polished steel paella pan in 42cm size is perfect for creating the dish’s iconic crust on the base.

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Product Description

The classic polished steel paella pan in 42cm size is perfect for creating the dish’s iconic crust on the base. Garcima is the recognised world leader in authentic Spanish manufactured Paella pans. These beautiful pans have been made in Valencia, Spain for many centuries, and this is the paella pan found in most of the homes in Spain. It has low side walls and two looped and riveted red handles. The unmistakable classic paella pan. This pan serves paella for 10 people.

Other sizes available: 26cm (2 people) or 28cm (3 people) or 34cm (6 people) or 38cm (8 people)

Please note:  these Paella pans are authentic commercial pans, small scratches and minor blemishes are part of their character and are not flaws or defects.

Materials: The authentic paella pans are made of thin high carbon steel which are designed to respond very quickly to changes in heat. They are extremely durable but need to be dried and oiled as described below.
Care of pans: To season before first use, we recommend after boiling water, cleaning and oiling the pan, to put it on the heat. After a while take the pan off the heat and wipe the burnt oil off. We suggest doing this twice. This will seal the pan nicely and turn it a
dark colour. Being made from high carbon, these pans will rust if not dried immediately after washing and being lightly rubbed with vegetable oil prior to storage. If rusting does occur it can be easily removed by an abrasive cleaner.
Cookers: All high carbon pans can be used on gas and electric cookers and can also be used on open flame and charcoal grills. Being slightly convex, paella pans are not great on induction or flat ceramic cook tops.
Lids: Like all authentic paella pans, these do not have lids and paella should never be covered while cooking. Once off the heat, you may cover to retain temperature and moisture.

Additional Information

Weight1.66 kg
Dimensions53.5 × 43 × 5 cm

1 review for Garcima Polished Steel Paella Pan 42cm

  1. Amanda (verified owner)

    Great paella pan. The crust was perfect! Served 12 people (with a few sides) and there was plenty left!! Huge!!

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