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Ferron Risotto Mix with Porcini Mushrooms 170g


Ferron Risotto Mix with Porcini mushrooms is Vialone Nano IGP rice combined with premium Porcini mushrooms which have been slowly dehydrated at low temperature.

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Product Description

Ferron Risotto Mix with Porcini mushrooms is Vialone Nano IGP rice combined with premium Porcini mushrooms which have been slowly dehydrated at low temperature. This careful process ensures that the mushrooms retain their aroma, flavour, and nutritional properties. Each bag of Risotto Felice is filled at the top with beautiful, aromatic porcini mushrooms which impart fantastic flavour to your risotto. All it takes is 500ml stock, 15 minutes, and a little butter to create an exquisitely creamy and flavourful risotto. We love it!

Ferron Vialone Nano semi-fino rice is a thick, short oval-shaped grain which is unpolished. It is also known as Dwarf Vialone, as the word “nano” translates to dwarf and refers to the size of the grain. Vialone Nano is typically produced in Isola della Scala in the Veneto region of Italy. The cultivation of this species is a masterpiece of Italian rice-growing that takes advantage of the pure spring waters which flow in the canals that stretch across the fertile land of the Veronese valley. The canals are also home to live carp that provide natural pest control eliminating the need for pesticides.


The Antica Riseria Ferron family has specialised in rice production for four generations. After a period of apprenticeship as a piloti (‘rice-mill worker’), Luigi Zachetti acquired various rice mills throughout the Veneto region. He passed the trade and the business to his son-in-law Marcello Ferron and his grandson, Lionello Ferron. Luigi’s great-grandson, Gabriele Ferron, now manages the business.

In 1975, Gabriele Ferron recognised that mass production of inferior rice posed a serious threat to the survival of two exceptional varieties of Veronese rice. He later established and led a consortium of rice growers in the Isola della Scala valley to protect these delicate species. Gabriele Ferron’s dedication has ensured that Vialone Nano rice and Carnaroli rice are available to an appreciative market across the globe.

The Pila Vecia (‘old mill’ in the Veronese dialect) is central to Antica Riseria Ferron. Venetian state archives indicate that the mill has been in operation since 1656. Situated 11 kilometres from Verona, it has been owned by the Ferron family since 1921. A canal called the Fossa Zenobia runs under the Pila Vecia. The water turns the original seven-metre paddle wheel, which provides the energy for a series of centuries-old pestelli (wooden poles with marble tips) which gently work up and down to crush whole grains of rice and remove the outer husks.

The next step is the mechanical removal of pula (chaff). Pula is the case or capsule surrounding the grain. By removing the minimum amount of pula, Gabriele Ferron ensures that each rice grain retains its precious starches, proteins, vitamins and minerals. No chemicals are used to remove the husk and pula.

Vialone Nano Rice 94%, dry porcini mushrooms 6%

Note: Ingredients as listed on the label at time of publication on the website. Always check the label before use.

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