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Cochinillo Confit Suckling Pig 2.5kg

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This beautiful cochinillo half suckling pig comes from Segovia (D.O.C.) in the Castile-Leon region of Spain – the famed home of cochinillo, and a destination for foodies who want to sample this famous dish. Simply reheat for 20-30 minutes and serve up a delicious feast!

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Cochinillo or confit Suckling Pig is a rare and sublime culinary pleasure from Spain. This dish has been served at the oldest restaurant in the world – Botín in Madrid – since 1725.

This beautiful half suckling pig comes from Segovia (D.O.C.) in the Castile-Leon region of Spain – the home of Cochinillo, and a key destination for foodies who want to sample this famous dish.  The piglet has been roasted in the traditional way and prepared as a confit in duck fat. This means you can prepare your own half suckling pig in your own kitchen at home in about 20-30 minutes. It is a fantastic feast, we adore it! Serves 6 with accompaniments.

About the producer

The suckling pigs are born and raised by their mothers in big stable boxes where the small suckling pigs can move freely with enough space to play with the others in the litter and develop through physical activity. The piglet’s only nutrients are in their mother’s milk. The sows give birth after 114 and 116 days with litters between 10-16 piglets. The suckling pig is prepared between the 21st and 28th day when its average weight is between 4.5 to 8Kg.


Open the tin at the bottom and remove the gelatin. Place the tin in a warm water bath until the fat has melted completely (30 min.). Carefully take up the piece and lay it on an oven tray with the skin side up. Remove it carefully as it is very tender and may break apart. Put the gelatin on the skin.

Pre-heat the oven to 250ºC and let the meat roast for 20 minutes or until the skin is golden brown and crispy.  Use the surplus duck fat to roast your potatoes for an even more sublime dining experience!

1/2 Piglet, duck fat, salt, pepper.

Note: Ingredients as listed on the label at time of publication on the website. Always check the label before use.

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2 reviews for Cochinillo Confit Suckling Pig 2.5kg

  1. Sue

    Absolutely worth trying the flavours are amazing.

  2. Robert Beverley (verified owner)

    Exceptional quality and so easy with maximum impressive impact….

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