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bomba rice

Bomba Paella Rice Moli de Rafelet 500g


This excellent Bomba rice from Molí de Rafelet is completely hand milled in a hand-crafted wooden mill with no chemical treatment

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This fabulous Bomba paella rice from Molí de Rafelet is grown in the Ebro Delta National Park in Spain by the Margalaf family and a small group of other farmers in the area that they supervise. The rice is completely hand-milled in a hand-crafted wooden mill with no chemical treatment. It’s a fabulous artisanal rice and perfect for Paella.

Milled by the Margalaf family it is the Bomba rice on which Catalonians base their best Paella. The Bomba rice plant matures slowly and as a result, the grain has the ability to absorb three times its volume in broth, yet remain distinct and separate, perfect to carry the exceptional flavours of traditional Paella.

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